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BallotAPI Documentation

Howdy! This is the technical documentation for our ballot API. Our goal here is to make integrating ballot and election information into your applications as easy as possible. The best place to start is the Quickstart, or you can jump right to the API endpoint docs.

  • Quickstart - Make your first API request!
  • Examples - Examples API requests for common use cases.
  • Data Types - A list of data formats you will see in the API.
  • Testing - How to test with your app.
  • Rate Limits - What restrictions we have on the API.
  • API Endpoints - Official documenation for each API endpoint.
    • /elections - Elections that are included in the API.
    • /precincts - The geographic areas that are covered by the API.
    • /contests - Ballot measures and races for elections and precincts.

BallotAPI is a fully open-source project and all API data is released to the public domain. It is maintained by volunteers at Open Austin . If you want to contribute to the project, check out our github repository .